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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Band Mommy pictures

I never knew how proud I would be of Kelley- being a band parent is so fun- here he is front and center at his first home game performance a couple of weeks ago-
These are from the Sternwheel Regatta parade-
There's my boy!

We have so much more coming up- the Majorette Festival and games and everything! Kelley loves everything about going to Capital High- we made the right decision!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A lot of firsts...

Well, Back To School 2008 is underway. First day of school was August 26 and despite the ungodly hour that we have to get up, everything went pretty smoothly.
Kelley had his first day of high school- had to take his picture inside because it is still dark at 5:50 am (notice how bright eyed and bushy tailed he is)
Noel and Ashlyn on their way out the door. Noel started 5th grade (and was not to thrilled to go back to school, I tell ya.) Ashlyn had her first day of Kindergarten. She has full day Kindy. Just call me "Free Bird" now!Ashlyn got a little overwhelmed and emotional and shed a few tears. Awwww. She had a great day and couldn't wait to go back for day 2!
Here is a great picture of her trying to smile-

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This one time, at band camp...

Kelley spent a week working his tail off at Band Camp. Capital High School's band camp was held at Concord University this year, in a charming little town called Athens about 25 miles south of Beckley. It is a small school with a very pretty campus.

He had a great time, made lots of new friends, and Mr. Scott, the Band Director, really did a great job getting these kids whipped into shape FAST. I cannot tell you how impressed I was- in 6 days Kelley is out there marching forwards, backwards, sideways, all while playing a mellophone! This year they are playing music from Cirque de Soleil- the music is complex yet lighthearted at the same time. Their first performance is coming up very soon (in two weeks!) at Laidley Field against George Washington High School. Here is the link for the Capital High School Marching Band- the Pride of Capital High!
Remember you can click on any picture to see the full size version, which is huge.

Well, summer is almost over, it's time to start thinking about going back to school and this year all of the kids will be in school full time! Wow- hard to believe we have reached that milestone. Ashlyn will be in Kindergarten, Noel will be a big 5th grader (oldest grade at his school) and Kelley is a Freshman in 9th grade. I wouldn't believe it myself, except for these little aches and pains that are starting to creep into my own body that remind me that I am getting older, too. So is life!

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Virginia Beach

We spent a few days at Virginia Beach recently- we stayed in the north beach area where it is a little more peaceful. It was really nice and the weather was perfect- no rain and in the 80's! We still walked the busy tourist area and had a fun dinner at the Beatles themed restaurant Abbey Road.

Noel, Kelley and Ashlyn are growing into such good looking kids, aren't they?? Noel wants to pose like this in every picture now-
Noel took great pride in this creation- Noel and Kelley like boogie boarding and goofing around in the water.

I told Bill to Go Fly a Kite!
A few pretty sunset pictures- Ashlyn is super hyper and goes non stop so the beach is perfect for her.
Virginia Beach is very busy- there are nearby Navy and Air Force installations so there are always huge aircraft carriers and fighter jets in the distance and overhead. There are also lots of h-u-g-e cargo ships and pleasure boats as well. It's really an interesting place and there is always lots to do.